A fresh, entertaining series of pocket books that feature prominent young South African voices worth listening to.

The Youngsters series explores topics of interest to the youth, ranging from hair weaves to discovering who you are and what you should do with your life, as well as issues of race and gender, love and sex in the time of social networks, the music and radio industries, comedy, empowering yourself and more … The series shares the naked reality of being a youngster in South Africa and helps you to make sense of it all.


The Youngsters is edited by bestselling author and award-winning journalist Mandy Wiener.


There is a poetic justice to life because we are the sum of our experiences.’ – Shaka Sisulu


Grandson of anti-apartheid stalwart Walter Sisulu, CEO of non-profit organisation Cheesekids, creator, dreamer, father and devoted Afrikan, Shaka Sisulu discusses heritage, BEE, inspiration, leadership, legacy and how you can carve your own destiny in the African soil in Becoming.

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