The Knysna Literary Liaison will be hosting a panel discussion and exclusive interactive dinner at Ile De Pain on the 7th of November.

Ling Dobson, founder of the NPO Knysna Literary Festival, said the discussion will be facilitated by JJ Tabane with Moeletsi Mbeki leading the conversation. “We are very excited to have World Bank Senior Economist Marek Hanusch and Mari Harris, IPSOS Managing Executive: Business Development and Public Affairs, with us. The World Bank has recently released their Systematic Country Diagnostic which provides great insight in the current state of the country’s economy. IPSOS, as the country’s leading researcher, has the most recent statistics at their fingertips and we are looking forward to an evening of interesting and insightful conversation.”

She said the main topics that will be discussed are how economically connected and competitive South Africa is globally, how we can improve the world’s vision and perception of South Africa and how this improvement can benefit economic growth and enhance development. “This is the ideal opportunity to get an understanding of the state of the economy from non-governmental, yet highly acclaimed sources. The panel members have the latest reports and information at their fingertips and can give us insight not often found in the public sphere.”

A portion of the proceeds of the evening will be contributed to fund educational bursaries for scholars at Knysna Primary School. “The World Bank listed education as a crucial ingredient for future growth in South Africa and we want to increase opportunities for students that have showed commitment and aptitude,” said Dobson.

Virginia Woolf said one cannot think well if one has not dined well, and Dobson said they made sure that guests will have an experience to match the conversation. “Liezie Mulder and her skilled team of chefs and hosts at Ile de Pain will serve a four course meal with a delectable combination of flavours and textures to stimulate conversation using all the senses. The perfect way to end and digest a thought provoking evening.”

Tickets cost R1 800 pp and include food, soft drinks and a hand picked selection of wines. For more information please contact Sasha on 082 450 9301. Tickets can be bought at the Pam Golding offices in Gray Street Knysna, or you can contact Sandy on 044 382 5574.