Celebrity chef and MasterChef SA judge Pete Goffe-Wood delighted guests at his Look ‘n Cook event at Kilzer’s Kitchen on Thursday 17 March. With his warm, down-to-earth manner he had them laughing at his anecdotes as he put the finishing touches to the three delicious courses from his book, A Life Digested, which had been prepped by the Kilzer’s Kitchen team. Jane Simon Wine Ambassador kept guests’ wine glasses full, and Luka Wines offered tastings of their delicious wines.

Chef Pete spoke about his experience as a MasterChef SA judge and gave guests some insight into the difficulties of tasting food cooked by the contestants. Did you know, for example, that the judges have to taste the dishes the moment the contestants have finished cooking, before they get cold or spoil, because it can take up to two hours to do a tasting?

“The beauty of MasterChef is that you get to see people suddenly realising that food is going to be the focus of their new life and there is no going back to their old life,” he said.
He said he thoroughly enjoyed working with the Kilzer’s Kitchen team. “Shopping for good ingredients is as much a part of cooking as anything,” he said, “and Albin and Jenny (Kilzer) have the most beautiful veggie garden right here on the premises.”

He described the recipes in his book as simple and approachable, “because that is the kind of food I like.

“I love recipe books that open on pages with grease marks because you know people have used that recipe often.”