A creative writing workshop presented by FunDza, organised and sponsored by Pam Golding Knysna & Plett, was held at separate venues in Knysna andPlettenbergBaylast week. The creative writing workshops were conducted by FunDza’s Sonja Kruse (workshop facilitator) and Ndibulele “Ndibs” Sotondooshe (writer and workshop facilitator) and were hosted at Knysna Montessorri, Knysna Secondary, Percy Mdala and Concordia schools in Knysna and at Greenwood Bay College in Plett with more than 250 children participating.


This is the second year that Ling Dobson has invited FunDza to facilitate the workshops. “Last year we dedicated the workshops to reading skills and the enjoyment of books. FunDza has a vision statement which is not dissimilar to our own intent for the Knysna Literary Festival – to contribute to the growth of hundreds of generations of educated, empowered and engaged young leaders and citizens of South Africa,” says Dobson.


The Literary Festival’s Young writers Competition has over the past few years grown in size and stature and become part of many of schools curriculums.  There is a vast amount of talent exposed, encouraging Dobson to to grow this interest in writing to keep young minds stimulated and active. This has opened the door for regular workshops to be scheduled throughout 2017.


There is not much space left for creativity in our current education environment due to set curriculums and assessment-based outcomes. The workshops allows children the opportunity to have fun with their writing and to encourage creativity which is often deemed old-fashioned in this age filled with entertaining and enticing electronic gadgets and platforms.


“It’s nice to encourage kids to have fun with English and creative writing. It’s very rewarding to watch the amazement these kids have for each other and themselves when they are able to create. Here you always find a sense of freedom and bright smiles when the kids realise they can tap into a creative side with astonishing outcomes,” says Sonja.


Ndibs, a graduate journalist student from Cape Peninsula University of Technology, has been with FunDza full time, specialises in editing, poetry and coordinating the workshops. He says, “My biggest motivator is to help the kids realise their talents. I look forward to that moment when they discover something special about themselves. I hold the light for them to realise their own capabilities.”

Ndibs is a bright young man, recognising talent when he sees it. “I’m not big on literacy, my passion is in story-telling and helping people to access their own stories and finding their own voice. This is a great way for the youth of today to feel relevant and be heard.”


Journalists & broadcasters interested in visiting the Knysna Literary Festival, covering events, or setting up interviews with guest speakers, should contact the Festival’s publicity team.


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Concordia High School with Ndibs from Fundza