The Knysna Literature Festival 2015 featured authors include:

    Khaya Dlanga

THE YOUNGSTERS – A fresh, entertaining series of pocket books that feature prominent young South African voices worth listening to. The Youngsters series explores topics of interest to the youth, ranging from hair weaves to discovering who you are and what you should do with your life, as well as issues of race and gender, love and sex in the time of social networks, the music and radio industries, comedy, empowering yourself and more … (Read More)


    Mandy Wiener

Mandy Wiener has been an Eyewitness News journalist for the past eight years, filing reports for Talk Radio 702, 567 Cape Talk, 94.7 Highveld Stereo and Kfm radio stations. She specializes in investigative reporting and legal matters, having extensively covered both the corruption trial of former national police commissioner Jackie Selebi and the Brett Kebble murder trial. Photo: Tim Moolman (Read More)


  Jonathan Kaplan

Jonathan Kaplan is the world’s most capped Test referee. He was the fi rst ref in the world to have blown over 100 Super Rugby matches and currently holds the record of 107 matches. Add more than 150 Currie Cup games, including six fi nals, three Super Rugby fi nals and four Rugby World Cup tournaments, and you have one serious CV. (Read More)


  Shani Krebs

Shani Krebs didn’t fall in with a bad crowd – he was the bad crowd. It was a wild life, filled with girlfriends, narrow escapes and drug binges. He was arrested for heroin trafficking and, after a trial, was sentenced to death. He was 34. Shani’s sentence was commuted to 100 years, and thus begun the greatest challenge of his life. (Read More)


  Braam Malherbe

Braam’s book, The Great Run, is an inspiring encounter of not only his journey along the Great Wall of China, but also his life journey. It details what he has learned from hardship and achievement and echoes his beliefs that nothing is impossible if you have big dreams. (Read More)


  PJ Powers

PJ Powers is a true South African Icon representing always what is best about our people. She has committed herself to building a better nation her entire life. She supported the struggle for human rights throughout her life, inspired by her grandmother who at an early age would take her to the townships to feed the hungry children. (Read More)


  Tony Leon

Tony Leon currently writes, speaks and consults on current affairs and future prospects, based on his unique background, as the longest serving leader of the Opposition in the Parliament of South Africa since the advent of democracy, as well as former Ambassador to Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay (appointed by President Jacob Zuma). (Read More)


  Graeme Butchart

I was born in 1953 (one of seven children) to Scottish parents – in the small town of South Ockendon, Essex (on the outskirts of London) – which is about 40 miles directly east of Buckingham Palace – and that’s as close to royalty – that I guess, I’ll ever get. I grew up, in and around London, and was shaped and influenced by the ideas of the sixties. (Read More)


  Prof Jonathan Jansen

Jansen was born on 29 September 1956 in the picturesque town of Montagu in the Western Cape between the Robertson wine district and the semi-desert area of the Little Karoo. He grew up here and in a township in the Cape Flats, and his youthful outlook was shaped by upheavals and the loss of family land and property due to forced removals. (Read More)



Born in Cape Town in 1958. Couldn’t imagine a career in cartooning, so studied architecture at University of Cape Town. Couldn’t imagine a career in architecture, so tried switching to Graphic Design and promptly got conscripted. While in the army he refused to bear arms and became active in 1983 in the newly-formed United Democratic Front. (Read More)


  Jo-Anne Richards

Jo-Anne Richards is an internationally published novelist and journalist. She has published five novels, her latest being The Imagined Child (Picador), released in March 2013. My Brother’s Book, (Picador) appeared in 2008. Her other books include the critically acclaimed bestseller, The Innocence of Roast Chicken, and Touching the Lighthouse, both published by Headline Review in London. (Read More)

  Eugene Ashton

Eugene Ashton is the Sales and Marketing Director of Jonathan Ball Publishers. He has a Masters degree in history and in addition to his day job, serves on the executive of the Publishers’ Association of South Africa.