Left to right- Heather, Elsa, Georlene Wolmarans (DA Mayor of Knysna), Tamarisk, Jasmin, Nicki, Ling Dobson

Short Story Winners

Heather Metelerkamp’s – 1st Prize Short Story

The Life of Little Ling!

The sun rose early on this particular Saturday morning. The mist was slowly rising off the top of the water of the Knysna lagoon. The sky was filled with pink, purple and orange clouds. All the gardens’ flowers were covered with a fresh layer of dew. Everything was still, calm and silent. But then…(Read More)

Elsa Wolmarans – 2nd Prize – Short Story (Elsa 9 jaar)

A Seahorse called Ling
Ling was a seahorse living in the Knysna Laguna. He was very lonely and pushed around by everyone. His only friend was Osty a beautiful shiny oyster. Osty was a good friend and never played practical jokes on him. Ling can still remember the day the teasing began. (Read More)

Poetry Winners

Tamarisk Ray Glogauer, 1st Prize Poetry

What If?
What if they never came?
Would I still be here,
determined to hold on to the story?
Or would I have passed,
letting the new generation lead?
What if there is no new generation? (Read More)

Jasmin Knopp 2nd Prize  

What if we could change?

Shards of glass
Dig into my feet
Uniting me with the ground below
To a sudden realization
That makes tinted glasses
Fall, mingle
With jagged questions
What if we could change? (Read More)

Nicki Milachowski 3rd Prize

The Elephant

A time ago in Knysna
When gravel roads were forest path
And tree-crawlers crept up telephone poles
Before man began to break and build
There roamed a beast – majestic, bold (Read More)

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